Sell Smarter.

3D Analytic is a Business Intelligence solution Designed for Retail to Help You Sell Like a Pro.

Price Optimization

Guide your product pricing strategy based on similar products in the market.

Trend Analysis

Discover your best-sellers and add to your product mix to increase profits.

Product Mix

Minimize your inventory wastages for better demand management.


Predict demand and inventory to minimize out-of-stock situations.

The Power To
Build Your Business

See how 3D Analytic brings your data to life with features like prebuilt data connectors, calculated metrics, engaging data, and visualization with a simple, and intuitive dashboard.

Fast, Actionable Insights for Your eCommerce Store

The data-driven focus enables Retailers to understand their business and customers and instantly get the visibility and answers needed to make smarter, faster business decisions.



3D Analytic has made such a significant impact on our business.

We Sold 3 Years of Inventory in Just 1 Week, thanks to the forecast.

If only we had found 3D Analytic earlier!


Mr Luo DL, Director
Progress Healthcare

3D Analytic served our firm well in building predictive models for targeting CRM efforts for a small minimart like us. The insights, coupled with their ability to quickly absorb both business requirements and data complexities, was first rate. I highly recommend 3D Analytic!


Low Hoe Huang, Director
1+1 Minimart

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